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Moving from qmake to CMake

( EN ) 22 jan 2014

After working with Qt5.x for a few months and really starting to enjoy the flexibility of qmake and QtCreator I decided to try using CMake to build XCode and MSVC proejcts.

QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA doesn't bundle frameworks

( EN ) 16 dec 2013

I've been playing with building an App using qmake as the build system. I started with a simple QT App built using the wizard in QTCreator and tweaking it.

Generating Anagrams in Lua

( EN ) 22 oct 2012

I'm working on a game where I need to generate anagrams of words. My new game engine, which is Max Astro's engine but with a few tweeks, integrates Lua and all the game logic is in Lua.

dyld: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSAttributedString

( EN ) 06 dec 2011

Updating Xcode seemed to screw up my project (again). Firstly it set the deployment target for Max Astro to iOS 5.0 and I suspect it changed the linker settings for the project as well. At first I didn't notice, after all who runs an iOS 3.1.3 device...

Xcode Swig Build Rule

( EN ) 28 nov 2011

XCode: Archive validation fails

( EN ) 13 may 2011

If you ever see a message from archive validation that states

Path x in Bom is missing from payload

then you might be about to enter a world of pain that I've just exited from.

defaultInputDeviceWithMediaType: QTMediaTypeVideo is always nil!

( EN ) 17 apr 2011

I've been playing around with the QTKit in Cocoa. I looked at the sample code and bar the usual Quicktime weirdness and some threading nuances it all seemed pretty simple. The sample code ran just fine and thanks to the macam drivers I could use my PSX3 Eye with my Mac....

Cocoa: All Apps That Are Browsers

( EN ) 02 apr 2011

For a little side project (that I abandoned) I needed to find all installed web browsers in OS X. After a little poking about in the API docs I can up with this....

Mantis Bug Tracker Icon For Fluid

( EN ) 30 mar 2011

I've used MantisBT for many years both commercially and personally. It really is a good all round bug/task tracker that you can present to normal users and they WILL be able to submit bugs to you without being frightened away (I'm looking at you Bugzilla!).

I don't use Mantis in my no...

XCode 4: Duplicating a target to make an iPad build link error

( EN ) 25 mar 2011

ve been working on an iOS game for a four months now and it's time to create a new target for iPad. The XCode documentation says to select your target, right click and select Duplicate and the Click Duplicate and Transition to iPad. Once this is done there is a shiny new Scheme to build, test and deploy for iPad complete with a new MainWindow.xib....

MiniTune: Releaed!

( EN ) 18 mar 2011

After many late nights I am very proud to shout out that MiniTune has been released and is available NOW at the app store...

iPhone App Version Information In XCode

( EN ) 17 jan 2011

When you create an iOS Application in XCode by default the version of the application is stored in <appname>-Info.plist. It would be really handy to get this in to code for compile time checks and #defines...

Metalify - A Spotify Clone

( EN ) 05 sep 2010

Apple TnC Changes and Lua

( EN ) 11 aug 2010

With the beta release of iPhone OS 4.0 Apple has changed the terms and conditions for developers who want to target the iPhone platform (note that includes the iPod Touch and iPad)....

NvStrip and Blender – Stripifying Models for the iPhone/iPad.

( EN ) 14 jun 2010

What Is Stripification?

Stripification is the process of turning lists of triangles in an arbitrary order into as many lists of triangles that contain adjacent edges. There is a great explanation of a triangle strip of wikipedia.

A Pythonic "Center New" in Blender

( EN ) 28 apr 2010

Part of my Art pipeline for Tentacles is to import a directory of 3DS files. Each of these files is a map piece and the map pieces are instanced to create a map. That way I can store the geometry for a shack once but instance it across the level many times with a unique transform (scale, translation and rotation)...

Implementing glAlphaFunc in OpenGL ES2.0

( EN ) 12 apr 2010

In OpenGL ES 2.0 glAlphaFunc isn't available, you have to implement it in a fragment shader. There isn't a lot of reference out there for this (not that I could find anyway) so I thought I'd write this up.

New Website Platform

( EN ) 11 apr 2010

When I started developing this site I knew I wanted to use a static website. I've used Wordpress and I'm fed up with checking for updates and plugin incompatibilities. Combine that with the server with this site doesn't have MySQL on it but PostgreSQL and it all seemed like to much hassle.

A static website on the other hand seemed blissful. Simply type in my sage like words, export and fear not for nothing could go wrong. No hacking, no plugin problems, no slashdot effect, nirvana...

Integrating Bullet Physics

( EN ) 20 mar 2010

Bullet is an open source collision and physics simulation library written by Erwin Coumans who I believe worked or maybe still does work at SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America). Bullet provides a C++ API to a very robust Collision, Rigid Body and Soft body...

Starting Out On The IPad

( EN ) 09 mar 2010

Why the iPad?

When the iPad was announced I decided it was time to take the plunge and develop a game for it. Although the iPhone is a powerful piece of hardware I just find the screen too limiting. Every game leaves you wishing you had transparent fingers. The iPad seems luxurious with it’s 1024x768 A4 sized screen...

Python Style Plugins Made Easy

( EN ) 28 jan 2008

Sometimes you need to write code that loads python at runtime. Plugin architectures are a good example of this. Plugins allow extensibility but more importantly (for me at least) they enforce a strict API. Anyway, I've written this code a few times so I thought I'd modularize it.

PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Dropping All Tables and Sequences

( EN ) 23 nov 2007

I've been working in deployment scripts for my current project and sometimes I need to drop all the tables and sequences from the database.

Subversion and Apple Filemerge Integrtaion

( EN ) 20 jan 2007

If you want visual diff's while developing on OSX using subversion then this page has a good description of how to set it up and some scripts to wrap Apple's FileMerge application to give to nice visual merges/diffs.