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Integrating Lua and my C++ Game Engine

( EN ) 09 mar 2014

Once again I am starting to integrate Lua in to the next generation of my engine. It's never a completely smooth process. Exactly where to draw the line between C++ and Lua logic is never immedietly clear.

Generating Anagrams in Lua

( EN ) 22 oct 2012

I'm working on a game where I need to generate anagrams of words. My new game engine, which is Max Astro's engine but with a few tweeks, integrates Lua and all the game logic is in Lua.

Logical Bit Operators in Lua When Using Floats

( EN ) 27 feb 2012

I'm making some changes to the codebase that drives Max Astro before making my next game. The biggest change is that the engine is going to be controlled by Lua. Lua will run the main logic loop and lua will be the configuration language.

Apple TnC Changes and Lua

( EN ) 11 aug 2010

With the beta release of iPhone OS 4.0 Apple has changed the terms and conditions for developers who want to target the iPhone platform (note that includes the iPod Touch and iPad)....