MiniTune is a small app that sits in the corner of your desktop displaying the currently playing artwork in iTunes or Spotify.

MiniTune combines your album artwork with a simple intuitive interface reengaging you with your music.

  • Easily and quickly control iTunes or Spotify! 
  • Beautiful CD, Vinyl or Photo artwork on your desktop. 
  • Set Dock icon to the current tracks artwork. 
  • Force MiniTune to stay behind or in front of all other windows. 
  • integration. 
  • Quickly select Speakers, Headphones, Digital etc. 
  • Growl notifications on track change. 
  • Low CPU and memory usage. 
  • Minimal interface for Play/Pause, Skip and Volume.
  • Customisable keyboard shortcuts. 
  • Integrated help documents. 
  • Play controls fade away when not needed reducing clutter. They reappear on mouse over. 

MiniTune is available NOW in the Mac App Store for only $1.99.