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Mash together explosive combat with Metroidvania style exploration, sprinkle in total level destruction and bingo you have Smith and Winston a fun new take on the twin stick shooter genre.

Say goodbye to unchanging landscapes and flat boring levels and blast, rocket and explode your way through the shattered lands of Smith and Winston. Fighting off invading aliens you explore and solve puzzles to save this world from impending DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

With any luck you’ll be back in time for tea and cake…

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Solid Backgrounds

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Transparent Backgrounds.

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No, no, no. Not the big bulky ones that Notch used to make, but small sleek sexy ones. I say “ones” but there’s flipping thousands of ‘em. Just luverly.


Get lost, find things… look a key! With handcrafted levels we’ve taken the time to make exploring rewarding and quite the delight.

Challenging twin stick combat

Ok, it’s not that challenging buts it’s fun. We have Boss fights too, so test your mettle against the BUNKER-BOSS, CHOPPER-BOSS and the very VOID itself!


It looks like pixels but it’s all 3d, go on spin the camera, check behind that tree, marvellous.

Free Flowing Movement

Jump, dash, boost, plummet to your death.

Local Co-op

Grab an extra controller and a friend, pet or just draw a face on a plant pot, all this is available to play split screen, awesome.


New heads to find on collect, always wanted a head shaped like a toaster well here’s your chance.


At the Dawn of time there existed powerful beings known as the ‘First Ones’.

These Gods created huge ring worlds, each orbiting its own captive star. They competed to perfect these worlds and their people’s revelled in the beauty of their lands and revered the genius of the creators.

But Pride and Arrogance would see them fall. The Ancient texts tell of their destruction:

Armies of machines fought and clawed and were eviscerated in the blink of an eye.

The Gods clashed unleashing mighty weapons of doom.

Tearing, ripping asunder the fabric of the galaxy.

Until weakened and exhausted, they fell into slumber.

And they were forgotten.

Aeons passed until a scientific expedition discovered a shattered ring world far out in the uncharted territories. The expedition sent news of an artefact of great destructive power buried deep within.

And this was the last that was heard of them. And every other expedition that was sent to find them. Until there was no one stupid enough to follow.

Or so it was thought. Blessed only with the ignorance of their own foolishness, our heroes Smith and Winston find themselves hurtling towards the Ring…

Press Quotes

I’ve loved what it has to offer so far and I’m genuinely excited to follow it along in development.


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We are very happy for people to stream Smith and Winston and we are happy for streamers to monetize those streams. If your streaming service requires authorization from us there is a simple form here for you to fill out. This will generate a URL you can give to your steaming service.

About Execution Unit

Execution Unit is two industry hobos making games with a retro aesthetic utilising modern technology. We passionately feel that old school game play is the best school game play and that if you buy a game you should be able to play all the levels you paid for. Games are entertainment not some form of punishment!

Dazza has worked in the video games industry for over 25 years starting at System 3 (Constructor 2, Bloodlust), moving to Argonaut (Disney’s Aladdin - Nasira’s Revenge, Reeco, Carve and Catwoman) and then following Jez San on to PKR - Poker without the vowels.

Cutting his teeth from a young age on the C64, Atari ST, Amiga and Apple Mac Dazza graduated from Imperial College with a degree in Software Engineering but despite being trained to design software to control nuclear power plants all he wanted to do was make games where you could destroy nuclear power plants! A career in games beckoned.

Charlie is a self-taught artist that has worked on titles for PC, console and mobiles for many years. He was once short listed for the BFSA and published in Spectrum: Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art.

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