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Smith and Winston is a twin-stick explora-shooter with limitless destruction, hand-crafted, high definition voxel levels and the philosophy that “if you can see it, you can destroy it”.

Guide Smith and Winston, two hapless adventurers, as you explore a shattered ring world and uncover its dark secrets. Fight the aliens, uncover the truth of the mysterious VOID and prevent impending doom.

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If it’s not blue you can destroy it. Literally every voxel in the game can be destroyed by you OR the enemies you meet. Mine your way through mountains and blast your way through walls. Destruction is creation.

Vertical Freedom

In all other twin stick shooters combat is restricted to a 2D ground plane. In Smith and Winston the player can dig down, fly up or jump down adding a unique element to the combat. Secret areas and collectables all require the player to think in 3D to access all areas.

Hand built

The world needs more hand-crafted games. We love procedurally generated games but there is nothing like a level designed by a human for a human.


With hand crafted levels we can use cunning and whit to hide collectables for the player to stumble across or work hard to find. Some collectibles are buried in the ground, some are behind closed doors that need to be unlocked.

Challenging twin stick combat

With one shot death and limited lives dashing is as important as shooting. Combat is enhanced by hand designed arenas for combat. Temporary cover, barriers, routes for escape and enemy drops are all carefully built, tested and balanced to give the player the most rewarding and unique experience possible.


In Smith and Winston’s voxel world the player and enemies can destroy nearly everything. The entire landscape can be destroyed. Why not throw a grenade and destroy the floor beneath an enemy? Why use the door when a perfectly good hole can be made in a wall? Why walk up to an enemy when you can get on the roof and dig through for a surprise attack?


Over 30 collectable heads are hidden throughout the world. Finding all of them will not be easy.

Two Player Co-op

No network can replace the joy of couch split screen coop. Get your friend in the same room and work together to explore the shattered ring world.

Smith and Winston adds a buddy mode where player two can never die from an enemy bullet. Parents and children can finally play together and get the most out of Smith and Winston.


At the Dawn of time there existed powerful beings known as the ‘First Ones’.

These Gods created huge ring worlds, each orbiting its own captive star. They competed to perfect these worlds and their people’s revelled in the beauty of their lands and revered the genius of the creators.

But Pride and Arrogance would see them fall. The Ancient texts tell of their destruction:

Armies of machines fought and clawed and were eviscerated in the blink of an eye.

The Gods clashed unleashing mighty weapons of doom.

Tearing, ripping asunder the fabric of the galaxy.

Until weakened and exhausted, they fell into slumber.

And they were forgotten.

Aeons passed until a scientific expedition discovered a shattered ring world far out in the uncharted territories. The expedition sent news of an artefact of great destructive power buried deep within.

And this was the last that was heard of them. And every other expedition that was sent to find them. Until there was no one stupid enough to follow.

Or so it was thought. Blessed only with the ignorance of their own foolishness, our heroes Smith and Winston find themselves hurtling towards the Ring…


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We are very happy for people to stream Smith and Winston and we are happy for streamers to monetize those streams. If your streaming service requires authorization from us there is a simple form here for you to fill out. This will generate a URL you can give to your steaming service.

About Execution Unit

Execution Unit is two industry hobos making games with a retro aesthetic utilising modern technology. We passionately feel that old school game play is the best school game play and that if you buy a game you should be able to play all the levels you paid for. Games are entertainment not some form of punishment!

Dazza has worked in the video games industry for over 25 years starting at System 3 (Constructor 2, Bloodlust), moving to Argonaut (Disney’s Aladdin - Nasira’s Revenge, Reeco, Carve and Catwoman) and then following Jez San on to PKR - Poker without the vowels.

Cutting his teeth from a young age on the C64, Atari ST, Amiga and Apple Mac Dazza graduated from Imperial College with a degree in Software Engineering but despite being trained to design software to control nuclear power plants all he wanted to do was make games where you could destroy nuclear power plants! A career in games beckoned.

Charlie is a self-taught artist that has worked on titles for PC, console and mobiles for many years. He was once short listed for the BFSA and published in Spectrum: Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art.

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