Smith and Winston - Update #3 Patch 2

Today we released a 32MB patch to Smith and Winston on and Steam fixing a few small issues, adding a few little things and tweaking the game play.

New Features:

  • Camera shake can be adjusted in Options > Game > Camera Shake
  • Controller rumble can be adjusted in Options > Game > Rumble
  • Added three custom mouse cursors for KB/Mouse players, see Options > Controls > Mouse.
  • Added a languages menu on Option where you can select the temporary translations for Spanish, German and French or the default English.

Tweaks to the game:

  • Added a glow to in game switches to make them a bit more obvious.
  • Added a flashing light to Shippy beacons so you can ignore them even more :)
  • Lava wasps now get killed by the exploding Lava eggs.
  • Spiders can be killed with grenades.
  • Dashing makes you invulnerable to explosions as well as bullets (while you are blue). So you can dash through spiders.
  • Some more sound design done in the Swamp of the Reanimated.
  • Added in more collectable helmets ( they have all now been placed in the game though some of them are on levels not yet released).
  • Balanced pick up and weapon distribution e.g all main levels should have at least 2 lives in them.
  • Added some more air pick ups, the number of these dropped off quite quickly as you progressed through the levels, there should now be a few more to test your dexterity.
  • Small voxel changes to the levels, e.g. fixing voxels that the player was getting caught up on.
  • Fixed lighting issues in Swamp of the Reanimated. Happened when the player went back through some of the portals.
  • Made some of the hidden portals a little easier to spot.
  • Labyrinth secret level is now a lot more forgiving and a wrong portal returns you to the same part of the level rather than the previous bit. Also the portal to the level exit has been differentiated from the other ones.

Bug Fixes:

  • more robust loading of corrupt save games.
  • no longer hide the cursor when playing with a Controller. This leads to annoying issues for users when like to use the mouse to tweak options with the mouse but play the game with a Controller.
  • When using the menus, pressing back selects the menu you’ve just come from to make menu navigation more clear.
  • Menu sliders now scale better for small resolutions (1024x768).
  • When setting a controller action to use the ‘B’/Circle button (which is also menu back) set the option but do not go back to the previous menu.
  • KB/Mouse shooting is now more accurate, the players gun now faces the mouse position not the player.
  • Fix for PSX controller Circle not appearing in Shippy dialog boxes
  • Linux, using a non-English locale no longer stops levels loading and doesn’t create corrupt userprefs files (thanks Stephan) *

Known Issues:

  • long German and Spanish phrases don’t fit in to text boxes.
  • custom in game cursors appear behind the shippy text.

Happy Exploring and Destroying