Smith and Winston - Update #6 - New Levels, Shield is Live and a Rejig.

Story and Arcade Merged

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that originally there were two game modes: Story and Arcade. With the introduction of the shield (see below) and thus the removal of one shot death these two modes seems a waste of time. So they are merged. The downside of this is that everyone’s saves games are now invalid so, unfortunately, everyone has been kicked back to boot camp and has to start the mission again. The good news is that the mission is much clearer, much more balanced and starts a lot easier because of the shield.

Introductory Offer

Lets be honest no one really likes a cut scene but they are sometimes necessary. We found that people were asking questions like:

  • Who are Smith and Winston?
  • Am I playing as Smith or Winston?
  • Why is shippy such an asshat?
  • Is shippy the ship?
  • How many potatoes are there is each voxel?

So when you start a new game you get to see a little 30 second intro sequence which helps to set the scene a little.


The cut scene plops you in to a little training area now where you can learn the controls. We’ve removed most of the introduction Shippy Beacons from the start of the game now. A lot of players just ignored them and Shippy’s voice was just too annoying

Calm down Shippy!

We’ve re-synthesized Shippy so she’s FAR less annoying to the players ears, especially when wearing headphones. So if you’ve turned down the shippy volume… you may want to turn it back up for a bit.

Shiela Sha-poo-pee Shields

We’ve added a shield. This means you can take three hits before losing a life. This makes a huge difference to the game. It’s amazing. We said we’d never do it but in the end, the players were correct, the game is better with a shield.

Bossing the Boss around

Based on the feedback we got about the Chopper Boss we’ve moved him to be the first boss that you see. It’s a better boss, it plays better than bunker boss and this gives us a chance to revisit the Bunker Boss and make him better.

New Levels

We’ve added three new levels to the game… each with distinct eeriness, distinct enemies and one of them is based on my personal addiction to Paprika Pringles.. but it’s probably not clear which.

Anyway, that’s it for now. We’re going to get a build ready for EGX Rezzed in London 4th-6th of April, 2019. If you’re around be sure to drop by and say hi.

Have fun exploring and destroying.

be seeing you