Smith and Winston - Update #9 - Save the Day

Save the coop

We’ve turned on save games for coop. So now you can officially continue a coop game you’ve been playing with your buddy.

Coop rebirth

If one of the coop player runs out of lives they will be given a free life with a full shield if you can get to the next level. We’re prototyping an in-level recovery mechanism where a pick up can recover the lost player. We’re not sure if the pickup should come from killing, destruction or just add it to the extra life pickup. Any ideas?

Coop Settings

Buddy Mode

We think this is a big one. In buddy mode player 2 can never be killed and if they fall off of the level they get respawned. We wanted a way to play Smith and Winston with our young kids. Hopefully you’ll find it useful. It’s part of our design mantra of always making the player feel powerful.

There are some really interesting tactics that you can use in buddy mode with your kids or less-gamer-like friends and it’s fun and that’s all that really matters in life.

Buddy Mode

Oh coop partner, wherefore art thou!

You can turn on a little icon that appears when your coop partner goes offscreen. Yeah the levels can get quite confusing after blowing them to pieces and spinning around for a few minutes :)

Coop Marker

Language update

We’ve updated all the German, French and Spanish strings in the game with google-translated strings that match the English. They got out of sync with the EGX Rezzed build. Sorry.

No more clever, adjust the slider

We tried to be clever and add a dynamic debris load balancing system and it didn’t work. The code tried to monitor how long the CPU took to calculate all the debris physics and adjust the amount of debris on screen in a super clever way. Well it turns out it was bloody rubbish! So now there is a slider in options > game that you can slide up or down to increase and decrease the amound of debris. It’s stupid, but it works.

More Debris


We’ve added some more sarcastic shippy comments through out the levels because she’s funny and we like adding sarcastic messages when we get a few minutes.

Have fun exploring and destroying.