Stuff I’ve Read in June 2022 Part 2

Sun 26 June 2022, tagged: Read


Oh SHIT Git!!!

I really think git is one of the biggest mistakes projects can make… but we are where we are and most developers are really just sheep. GitHub is great though.

SVG files from python

C++ 23 Status Report

Lots of interesting things in here for the bleeding edge of C++.


pretty cool alternative to Electron apps.


Interesting node editing tech in Python

The ever present C++ ABI break debate


OpenOffice is dead

But OpenOffice is a better name than LibreOffice

Killing queries in PostgreSQL

Netboot OS installer

Useful tool for netbooting a box and then installing an OS across a network

An abuse of the DNS protocol for fun.

Impressive dashboard in Jupyter Notesbooks

FreeBSD Day on 19th July

Why are webcams so bad?

They really are bad, but mostly good enough in my opinion.

Bitmap PC Fonts from back in the day.

Always love a nerdy resource which exists for its own sake.


If operating systems were beers.

Fired before he even started work

This could have been me!

Google cancelling things

Censorship is often about the low hanging fruit because it’s all you can trust AI to do.