Stuff I’ve Read #11

Sun 09 July 2023, tagged: Read

Stuff that I have found interesting over a few weeks of avoiding work.


Interesting DearIMGUI interface builder

Leads to Python Lex-Yacc which I didn’t know about.

Input Prompts Pack

Some lovely artwork for input prompts in game

Squeezing more out of byte code interpreters

Infinigen - 3D world generation

Tied to blender, BSD license, pretty cool.

Python Development Mode

Seems quite late in the day to be learning about this but here I am!


I need something other than JSON for this stuff. The best thing is that it support comments and JSON does not.


Looks like an interesting GUI designer for TkInter. Feels like 1990 again :wink:

Easier to use Search: TypeSense


Physically freeze, remove and read a RAM chip

Very cool indeed.

Basemaps from Apache

Good to see someone in the map world challenging the big boys

First ever 64-bit version of Windows rediscovered … and a C compiler for it too

I love these stories and while esoteric I think it’s important that the history is maintained. Soon these things will be legends.

Windows XP activation without MS

Truly amazing the length people will go to. XP is still a great OS and a lot of games need XP to run. This is good.

Earth and Grass OS

Interesting minimal OS.

What would the PC be like with a 68000 as opposed to the 8088

Very interesting.


The Case Against Travel

A bigger lie is rarely told than “Travel Broadens the Mind”.

Building a ZX Spectrum from Scratch

Answer - Fredric Brown

New line drawing technique in the C64 demo scene

While this is a tech article what interests me more is the human element of endeavour



Tool to automate curl… great name.

A Regular Expression to check if a number is prime

Just weird. Weird I tell you!


Write various floppy formats from a PC

IDA Reverse Engineering Software

This is the kind of th ing I need to get in to I think.