Merry XMas and a happy new year

We took one of the secret levels from Smith and Winston and played with it for a few days to make a Christmas style level. We’ll probably hide this level somewhere in the game, maybe it will only appear on Christmas day?

Anyway, we hope everyone has a really …

How to stick at it: Three years and still going strong!

To celebrate (and commiserate) the fact that I’ve been working on Smith and Winston for three years I thought I’d answer the most commonly asked question: How do you stick at it for so long? Some of this applies to anything in life, but it’s mostly about …

Smith and Winston Alpha 4

9 months!

It’s been nine months since the last video update. Of course we’ve been busy working on Smith and Winston. Here is the latest video:

We’ve added:

  • Depth of field effect to soften the distant voxels.
  • Complete change of enemy and weapon strategy to bring the …

First Year of Smith and Winston

I posted most of this to TIG Forums but thought I’d reproduce it here for people that don’t want to read a forum.

Smith and Winston is a twin stick shooter for Win, Mac, Linux and PS4.

S&W is Inspired by Ikari Warriors and Heavy Barrel, two …